Extraordinary Handmade Creations

About Us

Decofero specializes in the design and production of home and gardens furnishings. We create gates and fences, railings (balustrades), furniture, mirrors, tables and coffee tables, consoles, decorations and accessories. We give all projects a unique feature, taste – a lineament which confirms that behind each individual product, there is a man with an extraordinary knowledge and skills. We focus on the nuances that give a unique character to our work.

How We Work

The basis of Decofero’s projects are metals: black and stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, titanium. We combine them with the warmth of wood, stone drawings, the diversity of glass and the exclusiveness of leather. We emphasize the natural colors and variety of surface finishing. We combine knowledge about crafts with art and creative design. The details are of key importance to us – the quality of workmanship, attention to details.

Our Philosophy

We are a team that is constantly developing and looking for new creation opportunities. We focus on flexibility and innovation. We work in an organized and consistent manner. We adapt to the needs of our clients and constantly improve. Years of learning and experience related to art, design and crafts make the Decofero unlimited.

"Well done is better than well said"